When bae is away, you can still play. (Wow I’m hilarious)
Long distance, business trips, mis-matched work schedules: all of these are enemies of sex. So, let’s talk about sexting baby! (I’m on a roll today)

You can still maintain intimacy with your partner through busy times in your life if you can master the sexy art of sexting. I mean, how hard could local sexting be, right? Well, sexting does take some effort and some practice!
If you really want to please yourself, your partner, and feel that same afterglowy feeling you do after actually fucking, then you definitely can’t half ass sexting!

Here are a few tips to sexually satisfying yourself and your partner all via sext.

1. Words, words, words

Sexting is all about your words. So, try your hardest to put your filthiest vocab words to use. And you have to be exciting. No one is going to get wet from lazy sexts!

So, get creative. Describe what your partner’s sexts are doing to you. Describe what you want to do to your partner. Describe what you wished they were doing to you. Describe a past sexual encounter with them and how hot it was.
Don’t get lazy with it. Just like you wouldn’t lay there like a starfish in bed, you can’t be giving your partner one-word replies. Sexting is a two-way street, baby!

Top 7 tips for having steamy sexting conversations

2. Throw in an emoji

Sex isn’t serious, so why should sexting be?
Don’t take yourself too seriously just because you’re writing your partner the equivalent of a sexy novel. Sex is funny and so is sexting. I live by the statement: if you’re not laughing you’re doing it wrong. So, laugh! Make your partner laugh before you make them cum!

3. Send pics

Sexting by nature is sexy texting. That being said, I think you’d be wrong to not throw in a few pictures of yourself. Ask for pictures of your partner, but don’t go sending unsolicited dick pics!

Your partner could be at work or in public! Make sure they’re alone before you go sending nudes.
When they are alone and have privacy, you should definitely be sending nudes in between sexy texts.

4. Don’t be afraid of videos

Videos can definitely help your sexting game too! However, the same rules go for videos that go for texts: make sure they’re alone and make sure they want to see your genitalia.

Videos can be super-hot, they let your partner know what you’re doing in almost real time. Plus they can act like a highlight reel, so your partner can watch you in your sexiest moments over and over again.

5. Voice memos can be very hot

Okay, so this is an example of using Apple technology to its fullest. Voice memos are great if you don’t want screenshot-able evidence of your sexting sesh. Plus, hearing your partner’s breathy voice in your ear is like your own personalized XXX-rated ASMR.

Try it and see what creative uses you come up with for voice messages!

6. Like acting, sexting is all about reacting

One thing I hate about sexting is when the other person doesn’t react to my sexts. Don’t go off on your own tangent, listen to your partner. If they say that they miss your body, tell them that you miss their body especially when they do XYZ with it.