Looking for good online sex games can sometimes be hard. The worst thing is clicking on a site that has boring or crashy games, and on top of having your time wasted, you give your computer a virus.
To avoid instances like these and start playing fun, hot online sex games right now, you need to check out these three sites.

1. FreeSexGames.org

This site has tons of sex games to play. The quality of all their games is great, so you never have to deal with malfunctions. Their website dedicates itself to bringing you new and exciting sex games that you can play for absolutely free.

On Free Sex Games, you’ll have unlimited access to the best flash playing sex games out on the internet.

2. Nutaku

For all of my Hentai enthusiasts, this is the only site you will ever need for online sex games!
Nutaku is home to the best hentai and anime sex games, and is the number one source. You can look through their browser, downloadable, or mobile games. You can also pick from different genres of games like RPG, strategy, Western, fantasy, or action adventure sex games.

Top 3 Sites To Find The Best Online Sex Games

One of Nutaku’s most popular games is Kamihime Project R, a fantasy Hentai game where you have to save a forgotten magical civilization from a second Ragnarok.

As you can see, Nutaku is a great sex game website because their games actually have substance to them and a story to follow, making them fun to play and not just meaningless sex games.

But Nutaku isn’t just a site where you can play Hentai games — it’s an online community. They host different game events for their players, and you can learn about all the games they offer, keep up with new games and website news, and read reviews and hacks for games on their blog.

3. GamCore

This site is the number one go-to for online sex games, and it’s easy to see why. They have millions of games to choose from and have hundreds of categories to browse through and try out, too. You can click through their 3D sex games, parody games, RPG sex games, lesbian games, even mathematic sex games!

There’s so many to choose from you could spend hours upon hours on this site playing their fan-favorite games. But if you want to get straight to the most popular games, you can click on their Best Games of the week or of all time, and they’re always adding new ones too, so be sure to keep an eye out on those!

GamCore is also home to the most popular online parody RPG sex games ever — Grand Fuck Auto and World of Whorecraft. They even have a Game of Thrones parody sex game called Game of Whores! You can make your favorite characters from this world fuck each other and see your OTPs come to life.
By visiting GamCore, you’re sure to find your new favorite sex game server.