Chris Vrenna may not has as recognizable of a name as some of his contemporaries (think, Trent Reznor or Axel Rose) but Vrenna has made such a mark on the rock community we can’t ignore him in favor of crazy antics or names.

Vrenna may not be working with Nine Inch Nails anymore – which is one of the acts that contributed to the rise of his music career – but he certainly had his fair share of rock and roll stories.

Here are a few things that you need to know about former Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson drummer Chris Vrenna:

He ate a lightbulb once

On a dare, once he ate an entire lightbulb.

I mean boys will be boys but I have to imagine that a little more than a dare was involved for any one take a bite out of a lightbulb… much less chew it.

But crazy things happen on the road – especially when you’re touring with the likes of rock superstars or eccentrics like Ceelo Green.

Knowing that he immediately decided to tour again with Marilyn Manson after an insanely long tour with Gnarls Barkley, Vrenna must have a few more stories more interesting than eating household items.

Everything You Need to Know About NIN’s Chris Vrenna

He’s seen Marilyn Manson do some crazy shit

If you have any clue who Marilyn Manson is, then you know he’s done some crazy stuff. Honestly, just google him, and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what he’s capable of just by looking at him.

Manson lives up to his larger than life personality by actually doing crazy stuff. For instance, he’s cut himself on stage more than a few times – one download idm most notably being when he cut himself across the chest with a broken beer bottle. Another wild instance involves deli meat, sex, and a deaf girl.

Knowing that Vrenna’s been on tour with the man, an interviewer asked about the craziest thing he’s seen Manson do and Vrenna fully dodged the question. I understand wanting to respect his tour mate’s privacy, but I wish he would spill the tea.

He teaches at a college in Alabama

Looking at the acts Vrenna has been associated with, I would have never guessed he would go on to settle down in Alabama and be a teacher.

I’d expect him to do something more metal, but then again teaching is a challenging profession. He is teaching intro to communications, studio production, and Pro Tools at Calhoun in Northern Alabama.

How cool would it be to have someone like Vrenna teach you the finer points of communications theory?

He scores Videogames

Not only is Vrenna an accomplished drummer and keyboardist olux, but he’s done work scoring videogames.

Some of my favorite composers are veterans from the darker side of the music scene (like Johnny Greenwood!), and Vrenna is no exception. He’s actually scored my all time favorite indie game: Alice the Madness Returns.

He still puts out music!

While the guy has put aside world tours, for now, Vrenna still is putting out music. He said that he always tries to stay active in the industry – so we can hope to see him take on more ambitious projects in the future. But for now, he’s putting out music under the title Tweaker.