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Top 3 Sites To Find The Best Online Sex Games

Looking for good online sex games can sometimes be hard. The worst thing is clicking on a site that has boring or crashy games, and on top of having your time wasted, you give your computer a virus. To avoid instances like these and start playing fun, hot online sex games right now, you need […]

Top 7 tips for having steamy sexting conversations

When bae is away, you can still play. (Wow I’m hilarious) Long distance, business trips, mis-matched work schedules: all of these are enemies of sex. So, let’s talk about sexting baby! (I’m on a roll today) You can still maintain intimacy with your partner through busy times in your life if you can master the […]

The Truth About Nude Selfies

Why Do People Take Nude Selfies? Selfies are a cultural phenomenon in our society, and we all know the age-old saying “sex sells.” Therefore, it only seems natural that nude selfies become a thing. From celebrities to your average joes, it seems like everyone is hoping one nude selfie train. But why are people so […]